Best Interest of Child in Determining Paternity

In a paternity matter a Superior Court held that a court has the inherent authority to open an acknowledgment of paternity solely on the grounds that an accurate determination of paternity would be in the child's best interests. Often men agree to paternity in the absence of a DNA test, have regrets and later obtain DNA results showing that they are not the biological father.
Muhammad v Murphy 62 Conn.L. Rpte 3, 2016

Custody and Mental Health Issues:

The mental health of a parent is relevant to the court in a child custody dispute. However the communications between the parent and their therapist are privileged. There are some exceptions to this rule such as if that parent put their mental health at issue. If a party is concerned about mental health issues, they can request that the court order a psychological evaluation; this can be expensive and the cost is paid by the parents, not the Court.

Stalking Protective Orders and “video-taping”

Frequent “video-taping” of a neighbor with a cell phone may not be a crime and not be grounds to secure a protective order under the general Civil Stalking statute. In order to qualify or rise to the level of a crime proof is required to show that the conduct was performed with knowledge that it would cause the victim "to fear for such person's physical safety". However, the opinion from the March 13, 2017 Connecticut Reporter mentions only cell-phones and does not deal with and consider whether "video-taping" from a drone constitutes grounds for a Stalking Protective Order.