The immense size and weight of a semi truck in an accident often result in severe damage to the other vehicles and devastating consequences for the drivers and passengers. Brain damage, spinal cord injury from partial paralysis to quadriplegia, and other catastrophic injuries are common. Unfortunately, so are fatalities.

Protecting Your Personal Injury Rights

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If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in a big rig trucking accident due to driver negligence, poor vehicle maintenance or other negligent cause, Bruce Chamberlain offers attentive, knowledgeable legal services to clients in Waterford, Groton, Norwich and neighboring communities.

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Handling the Complex Liability Issues

Unlike other types of car accidents, a truck accident can involve a tangle of relationships between multiple parties all looking to avoid liability:

  • The truck driver at fault
  • The owner of the truck or tractor trailer
  • The trucking company they both work for
  • Their individual insurance companies
  • Other third parties (truck part manufacturers and their insurance carriers)

We have the experience to handle these complex cases that also involve understanding state and federal regulations; reviewing driver log books and other record-keeping requirements for potential violations. We will help you find all responsible parties who bear liability for your life-altering accident and hold them accountable for providing the financial compensation you need to face the future.

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