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The realization that your marriage is ending is likely to be one of the most difficult moments in your life. You have to deal with the emotion of the event, and also with the legal aspects that can affect your life going forward. With the help of a skilled lawyer, you can get through this difficult time and enjoy a bright future.

New London divorce attorney Bruce A. Chamberlain has handled divorces in Connecticut since 1984. In those 30 years, he has helped many men and women protect their rights and their relationships with their children. Mr. Chamberlain is a straightforward, practical attorney who will keep you informed as your case proceeds, and he will set realistic expectations about the possible outcomes.

Your Child Support, Custody and Property Division Advocate

Some clients can be excessively pessimistic, expecting that things will go badly. This perspective can lead to unnecessary bitterness and make negotiations difficult. At the law office of Bruce A. Chamberlain, we offer clients hope to help establish fair and equitable divorce agreements, involving:

  • Child custody — Custody and visitation rights consider the relationship both parents have with their children.
  • Spousal support — Spousal support is gender neutral; it is paid by the higher-paid spouse to the lower-income spouse.
  • Property settlement — Proper definition and valuation of all marital assets is key to a fair distribution.

For clients who think our society has evolved beyond gender bias, unrealistically positive expectations of how the divorce process will go in court will bring some unwelcome surprises. They will likely find that gender can still be a factor in child custody or alimony and they're in for more of a fight than expected.


While preparing for divorce litigation in court is still a common approach, we also proactively advocate for couples to find their own resolution through the divorce mediation process. We conduct meetings outside of the court system to save clients considerable time and money.

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When you come to our law office, you can expect to be treated with respect. Bruce Chamberlain provides compassionate and down-to-earth legal counsel for clients with legal concerns, such as innovating grandparents' rights and modifications.

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