Perhaps the most critical concern all parents face in a divorce involves who gets the kids, when, and visitation rights.

You Don't Have to Miss Those Special Moments

At the New London-based office of Bruce A. Chamberlain, we provide strong advocacy to ensure that our client's visitation and child custody rights are taken seriously in family court or mediation.

Parents' rights are also children's rights and needs.

  • Parents have a right to be involved in their children's lives and children have a right to have both parents in their lives.
  • Determining custody and visitation begins with fathers having a right to be known to their child, achieved initially through establishment or declaration of paternity.

Whether you're seeking reasonable visitation or are interested in winning child custody in divorce court, New London child custody attorney Bruce A. Chamberlain will work with you to build the case, documenting your involvement in your child's life, your parenting abilities, and the suitability of your home environment. Contact our law office to speak to attorney Bruce A. Chamberlain.

Considering What is Best for the Entire Family

Many of the clients we've worked with through the years agree that each parent is a good parent and they seek joint legal custody with ample visitation. However, parents sometimes have bitter disagreements over custody.

It hurts a child when one parent puts the other down or when the custodial parent prevents the non-custodial parent from seeing the child and exercising his or her child visitation rights. In these situations, a modification of the child custody order may be necessary. Connecticut lawyer Bruce A. Chamberlain has handled hundreds of modification issues over the years.

Addressing Relocation Concerns

It is more and more common for divorced spouses to face a difficult parenting decision when one spouse finds a job or gets married again and wants to move to another state. Relocation cases can be won by the non-custodial parent in Connecticut if we can prove that you have as strong a relationship bond with your child as the custodial parent and that moving away would adversely impact the child. We've had success in securing judgments to prevent the mother from leaving with the child.

Both parents have child visitation rights and child custody rights, but it can be an uphill battle to get gender-neutral and equitable treatment. You need an attorney who understands the bond each of you have with your child, one who takes your parenting ability seriously and who will fight to see that you are treated fairly by the courts, or during the alternative mediation process with your spouse.

Questions About Child Visitation and Parenting Time? Our Connecticut Attorney Can Help

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