Child support requirements in Connecticut are set by state guidelines. How the guideline applies to an individual depends upon a number of factors. Child support attorney Bruce A. Chamberlain works with clients in the process of a divorce or a modification of child support to ensure the needs of children are met by both parents.

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Child Support Factors

The family law court judge will make a child support determination based upon specific factors, such as:

  • Parents' income level
  • Day care expenses
  • Children's medical and educational needs
  • Support obligations to other children
  • Amount of time the child spends with each parent

When a former spouse remarries, many noncustodial parents believe their child support should be reduced because an additional income has now entered the child's household. That is not the case. The income of the other adult does not affect child support calculations — only the income of the child's biological parents counts in support calculations.

What Does Child Support Cover?

Another area of contention is the use of child support. As much as the noncustodial parent might want to tell the custodial parent how to use child support, they have no control over how the money is spent. The money is often used to pay for food, clothes and school supplies. Child support can also be used for the household's overhead, including house payments and car payments. All of these things benefit your child.

Child Support Modifications

If your income increases or decreases by 15 percent or more, your child support may also increase or decrease. Attorney Bruce A. Chamberlain represents clients who want to modify or enforce their existing child support order based on a change in circumstances.

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